Friday 4 March 2016

The importance of cufflinks

You all know I have always paced emphasis on the importance of a suit for a man, so today we are talking details. We should all know the basics if you have been following my blog - tailoring and crisp shirts being the up most important, but if not scroll down and you can find my previous post on suits in general. 

I am huge fan of male accessories as I’m sure you all would have seen by now - watches, leather bracelets and when it comes to suits, cufflinks. Cufflinks can add the final touch of sophistication and class, making you stand out. Yet like any fashion item they come with their own special set of rules… In other words, you can’t just pick any and shove them on! My personal favourite’s at the moment are from Elite & Luck, in particular the Smokey Quartz Sterling Silver cufflinks. The ones pictured are the classic model, plated in rose gold and can be found on

Ok well maybe there is only one rule, but it’s so important it could count for two! And that is colour. Similarly, to any outfit we put together the colours need to match, and that isn’t any different when it comes to metals. The suit I have kept all black; shirt, tie and pocket square, mixed with rose gold cufflinks and watch. See how I have kept to two colours, allowing the accessories to demand attention and take centre stage, without being to over the top and in your face.

The great thing about Elite & Luck cufflinks are that they come in a variety of different metals and gemstone colours, tailoring to every style and personality- so if silver is more your preference with a clear stone for instance, head over to their website and have a look. Each different gemstone is said to enhance, love, success, wealth and good fortune.  My particular coloured gem provides you with powerful positive energy which in turn turns negative emotions and failure into success. Pairing the enhanced values of the gemstones with the already confident persona a well-dressed man carries, there’s no reason he won’t feel like a success, when he’s dressed like one!


~ Rowan Row ~

Monday 4 January 2016

High on leather

Love traveling, training and exploring? Then is all you need in terms of hand made leather bags, designed perfectly for every need. The offering of simplicity and efficiency are two good ways to describe the pure existence of their bags.

Coming from an athletic background I chose the "Leather Gym Duffel" as this will make my life much more easier in terms of caring all my training equipment when ever and where ever I go.

This beautiful model is made from goat leather with one front pocket, one adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles on the top.

Their prices are very affordable, which mean up to 60% less then the retail prices of others and also at a considerable discount to the cost in a department store or even on the high street. Despite the affordable pricing, there has been no expense spared in the detailing, even down to that amazing leather smell everyone loves. not only do men's accessories, they also do some amazing designs for ladies which vary from travel bags, hand bags and leather clutch.

In regards to delivery are offering delivery world wide. Their products are packed very securely, maintaining their  precise standards.


~ Rowan Row ~

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Boda Skins

Upon my recent collaboration with Boda skins I must say I am truly overwhelmed and flattered to be working alongside this company. I have always been fascinated with the look of their jackets, and now that I have it in my hands and I get the chance to wear it I am just over the moon.

I am wearing the Kay Michael’s Quilted Biker, this style comes in a variety of different colours. I opted for black as it’s an iconic classic colour which will never age or go out of fashion. The black ones come with either silver or gold coloured hardware; I feel the gold provides a luxurious and elegant yet edgy feel. The jacket is a slim fit design; it is fitted and structured but still true to size and made from 100% Premium Napa Sheepskin. The quality of fine materials and fitting it’s just on point. Besides that the jacket comes with a genuine carry cotton bag which protects the product from any impacts or damages while being posted to the client.

I created a clean simple look to compliment the bold jacket. It consists of a plain white shirt, black jeans with splits at the knees and brown suede Chelsea boots. The black jeans continues to add an edgy vibe, whilst the crisp white shirt and suede Chelsea boots keeps the class and elegance. Add glasses and attitude and you’ll be ready for anything! 

For all those who are interested to find out more about this beautiful jacket you can visit 


~ Rowan Row ~

Thursday 3 December 2015

Style of JORD

I would like to introduce to you the JORD watch. It is a hand crafted timepiece made from different types of wood and sapphire glass, promoting that the value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but by being aware of the need to make that time count. JORD emphasises that moments are bigger than minutes, and you’re watch should tell more than time. A lovely concept especially when we live in a time where we are all so busy constantly clock watching!

The model I have chosen as pictured above is the “Ebony & Copper” model from the Dover series. 

This gorgeous model offers class and versatility. The band is made from rich ebony wood whilst the face ring is made from copper, the contrast creates a very striking and unique face design. Through the sapphire glass you can see the cogs moving and you can see just how much work goes into making a watch tick. An interesting point about this watch is it drive system – it is self-winding which means there no need for a battery. How cool is that? Due to the materials the watch is made of, this particular model is not water proof further than 3ATM, but it is splash proof. So don’t panic it won’t break when splashed, or it starts raining which is inevitable in London, just don’t go for a spontaneous deep sea dive in it!

When you order JORD it comes with a creative wooden box, keeping in with the brands natural style, whilst protecting the watch from getting damaged in transit. Or maybe you’re just like me and like to keep everything boxed when displayed. Either way the packaging is unique and perfect for the purpose 


~ Rowan Row ~

Sunday 29 November 2015

Sudio Earphones

Sudio are a Swedish brand who pride themselves on offering “elegant products with studio quality sound”. Many of the brands which offer studio quality sound are bulky and awkward to carry as well as being at the high end of the price scale. These particular earphones are the Vasa in Rose Gold White. 

I have found that the design really is elegant, they are perfect for carrying around all day, as they come with a genuine leather carry case to protect the earphones from getting crushed in pockets, and come with multiple different earbud pieces. This allows you to find the one that fits your ear without it fulling out all the time, a problem I think we have all experienced at some point!

Included in the box is a clip, for the gym lovers reading, this is very helpful. It attaches the wire to your clothing, so when working out the cables don’t get in the way. I think you are beginning to see why these are essential every day for me. On one of the earphones there are three buttons which allow you use your phone hands free for more convenience. The design of the cable is thicker than a standard earphone cable, which means no more tangled cables. Goodbye wasting 10 minutes every time I want to use my earphones untangling wires. 

Finally the most important bit – sound quality. The reason the sound is so good in their earphones is due to a tuned driver and amplifier, which separates the sound of every instrument, which is what provides a studio sound. 

There you go, for people asking about my travel essentials, these earphones are by far a favourite of mine. If you are interested, more details can be found here:

You can also use the code “rowanrow” to get 15% discount, and guess what delivery is free world wide, meaning there’s no excuse not to make a loved ones Christmas!


~ Rowan Row ~

Sunday 18 October 2015

Taste of Autumn 

Wool Overcoat - Noose & Monkey   Shirt - Calvin Klein   Belt - Calvin Klein   Jeans - ASOS   Shoes - ASOS   Watch - Daniel Wellington   Accessories - ASOS

We’re moving towards cold weather so this look is all about autumn, focusing on staying warm but still looking sophisticated. 

The wool overcoat is a new purchase of mine from ASOS branded by Noose & Monkey I particularly love the tailoring, it goes back to what I mentioned last week about what to look for in a good suit, a tailored jacket works in the same way; good quality material and solid lines, a classic which won’t go out of fashion quickly. I didn’t opt to get the jacket in black as i did not want to play this look safe, I wanted some of my personality to shine through. As I’ve always maintained fashion is about personality more than anything else, if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t feel confident.

I paired the jacket with a fresh white shirt, darks jeans and white trainers. I cannot stress anymore, if you’re looking to achieve the look of sophistication, white trainers only work if they are just that, white. The same goes for the shirt but we’ve mentioned that previously so we won’t go back into that.

The jacket isn’t the only new item this week the watch is too. The watch can be purchased from Daniel Wellingtons website (Use code ROWANROW for 15% discount)  and is definitely one of my favourite watches at the minute. Their watches come in two different strap styles, the NATO and the leather strap. The NATO strap seems to be a very popular choice, however I wanted something which was timeless, and suitable for any occasion. I opted for the brown leather strap with a rose gold face as for me it matches with the variety of other accessories I paired this look with, and many other of the looks I go for. 

So there we have it, autumn fashion begins with a strong statement jacket which screams class paired with natural accessories and of course sun glasses, everything looks better with glasses, and besides the morning sun hasn’t left us just yet. 


~ Rowan Row ~

Monday 5 October 2015

Simple but significant 

   Suit - H&M   Shirt - Calvin Klein   Shoes - Base London Chief Derby Shoes   Watch - Emporio Armani Ceramica

Class is more than the clothes you wear, don't get me wrong your clothes help you feel a certain way, but most importantly it is the way you carry yourself.

I picked this classic suit combination to attend a friends wedding last weekend. I find the key to a classy suit is simplicity. There is nothing more attractive than a clean cut black and white tailored suit. As I've commented previously H&M have a great range of suits which have a great textures and cuts. I opted to pair this suit with similarly simple shoes. These were recently purchased from Asos, and compliment the outfit as a whole by adding a touch of elegance. 

However no matter which suit you wear, the most attractive feature is confidence. Confidence transforms any outfit instantly. There is no need to be flashy and bulshy, but carrying yourself in a strong manner makes all the difference. 

So my top tips to pulling of that classic elegant suit hanging in your wardrobe:
1. Clean - Every part needs to be pristine, in particular the shirt and shoes. You may think no will notice your shoes but they do, shoes bring the outfit together.
2. Grooming - its not just your suit that should be clean, you should be too.
3.Classic colours - No overly loud patterns and mix and match jacket and trousers. They make look the same shade of black but trust me there will be a difference! Always buy them in pairs.
And 4. the all important confidence. 


~ Rowan Row ~