Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sudio Earphones

Sudio are a Swedish brand who pride themselves on offering “elegant products with studio quality sound”. Many of the brands which offer studio quality sound are bulky and awkward to carry as well as being at the high end of the price scale. These particular earphones are the Vasa in Rose Gold White. 

I have found that the design really is elegant, they are perfect for carrying around all day, as they come with a genuine leather carry case to protect the earphones from getting crushed in pockets, and come with multiple different earbud pieces. This allows you to find the one that fits your ear without it fulling out all the time, a problem I think we have all experienced at some point!

Included in the box is a clip, for the gym lovers reading, this is very helpful. It attaches the wire to your clothing, so when working out the cables don’t get in the way. I think you are beginning to see why these are essential every day for me. On one of the earphones there are three buttons which allow you use your phone hands free for more convenience. The design of the cable is thicker than a standard earphone cable, which means no more tangled cables. Goodbye wasting 10 minutes every time I want to use my earphones untangling wires. 

Finally the most important bit – sound quality. The reason the sound is so good in their earphones is due to a tuned driver and amplifier, which separates the sound of every instrument, which is what provides a studio sound. 

There you go, for people asking about my travel essentials, these earphones are by far a favourite of mine. If you are interested, more details can be found here:

You can also use the code “rowanrow” to get 15% discount, and guess what delivery is free world wide, meaning there’s no excuse not to make a loved ones Christmas!


~ Rowan Row ~