Friday, 4 March 2016

The importance of cufflinks

You all know I have always paced emphasis on the importance of a suit for a man, so today we are talking details. We should all know the basics if you have been following my blog - tailoring and crisp shirts being the up most important, but if not scroll down and you can find my previous post on suits in general. 

I am huge fan of male accessories as I’m sure you all would have seen by now - watches, leather bracelets and when it comes to suits, cufflinks. Cufflinks can add the final touch of sophistication and class, making you stand out. Yet like any fashion item they come with their own special set of rules… In other words, you can’t just pick any and shove them on! My personal favourite’s at the moment are from Elite & Luck, in particular the Smokey Quartz Sterling Silver cufflinks. The ones pictured are the classic model, plated in rose gold and can be found on

Ok well maybe there is only one rule, but it’s so important it could count for two! And that is colour. Similarly, to any outfit we put together the colours need to match, and that isn’t any different when it comes to metals. The suit I have kept all black; shirt, tie and pocket square, mixed with rose gold cufflinks and watch. See how I have kept to two colours, allowing the accessories to demand attention and take centre stage, without being to over the top and in your face.

The great thing about Elite & Luck cufflinks are that they come in a variety of different metals and gemstone colours, tailoring to every style and personality- so if silver is more your preference with a clear stone for instance, head over to their website and have a look. Each different gemstone is said to enhance, love, success, wealth and good fortune.  My particular coloured gem provides you with powerful positive energy which in turn turns negative emotions and failure into success. Pairing the enhanced values of the gemstones with the already confident persona a well-dressed man carries, there’s no reason he won’t feel like a success, when he’s dressed like one!


~ Rowan Row ~