Sunday, 23 August 2015

Man in a suit


Suit - H&M   Shirt - Calvin Klein   Shoes - ASOS   Watch - ASOS   Sunglasses -RayBan 

Is there anything better to look at than a man in a really nice suit? I think not. A really well-fitted and carefully thought-out suit can make any guy instantly look hotter. It's science ;)

So this week I’ve treated myself with a brand new suit from H&M and I’m totally inlove with the texture and fitting of it. Is actually my first time when I buy a suit from them and besides the texture and fitting being on point is also very affordable. I chose a very simple and clean style to wear with this suit consist in plain white smart shirt, plain white trainers and a striped watch. In general I always put shoes on my suit but I felt like I wanna make a tiny change this time even if sounds a bit unacceptable but trust me it actually worked. Take a look at the style I chose and give me your thoughts :)


~Rowan Row~

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