Saturday, 13 June 2015

Flavour of style



Sunglasses - eBay     Watch - Emporio Armani Ceramica      Bracelet - eBay     Belt - Calvin Klein     Shirt - William Eduards     Jumper - Zara     Denim Shorts - ASOS     Shoes - ASOS 

Coming from a fitness background I never paid as much attention to elegance as much as I paid to my physique. In a last couple of years I completely changed my perspective about style and realised that having class and wearing a sophisticated outfit is as important as having a polish and beautiful physique as both goes hand in hand when it comes to creating an image of a man, who’s sexy, confident and demands respect.

As summer is here already I put together those elements creating this elegant outfit working perfectly for any classy occasions. 

Totally in-love with this amazing shirt made by "William Eduards" which I found it in TK MAXX store the other week. Never try anything from them before but all I gotta say fitting is just perfect.
The velvet loafers and denim shorts are from ASOS which is one of my fav online store so far and I am kinda addicted to them :)
Belt made by amazing CK which you can use it to any casual or smart wear.
Watch provided by Emporio Armani - Ceramica - model code: AR1452
Sunglasses and bracelet just a casual research on eBay nothing branded.
And the jumper from Zara where you can aways find something beautiful regarding casual or smart outfit  and not very pricey.


~Rowan Row~

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