Monday, 22 June 2015

Urban Style 

Snap Back - Vans   Sunglasses - eBay   Neckless - ASOS   Watch - Casio   Bracelets - ASOS   Shirt - T.K.maxx   Shirt - T.K.maxx   Jeans - River Island   Shoes - Nike 

My new casual/urban style added to my blog and I hope you all get inspired from it.
There’s four new pieces I bought recently and totally involve with the style and specially the fitting of them. 
Let’s start with the snap back provided by “Vans” a vert simple, clean and fresh black snap back who can actually can be mixed very easily with different type of casual/urban styles. 
The next two pieces I found are the red/black sleeveless shirt and the zip long-line t-shirt. Those two elements are unbranded pieces which I found them in T.K.maxx last week. 
For those who are interested to get something similar my perspective is to check TOPshop/TOPman as you will find something similar and can easily be mixed to look the same.
The last new element is provided by nike the very well known “nike air huarache” 
One of the most comfortable sport shoes I ever had.. great for running, dancing and also to mix them on your casual wear.


~Rowan Row~

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